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Outstanding gardens

The Ernée, colours and scents

Haute Mayenne can also be discovered through the colours and scents of its parks and gardens. We propose two "Jardins Remarquables" nestled in the countryside along the river Ernée.

The Jardin de la Pellerine, located on the border with Brittany, is actually a series of small intimate gardens, covering nearly five acres in total.

Sylvie and Alain Douinot created this romantic and refined garden, full of surprises and rare plants. What we call outdoor “green rooms” host associations of colourful perennials, roses and shrubs. A profusion of plants with various themes and loans from poetry offer a pleasure for the senses with the "white garden,” the “four seasons alley” and so-on.


Continue towards Chailland in the heart of the Ernée Valley.

The park and gardens at Clivoy cover more than twelve acres. Admire a walled garden, with its high walls covered with slate, an English park, the fountain, the ornamental lake and the orangery.

Apple and pear trees pruned into cat tails share space with a variety of roses, hydrangeas and agapanthus. Under the sandstone rocks, the rampart walk leads you to a series of ponds and a fountain, with numerous old and rare trees along the way.

Through the towns and villages of Haute Mayenne, to Juvigné (winner of the Golden Flower trophy), Saint-Loup-du-Gast (four flower trophies), Ambrières-les-Vallées, Chailland, and Ernée (three flower trophies each).


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