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Chailland and the Ernée valley

The Ernée and its surroundings

Dominated by rocky cliffs, the village of Chailland is to be found nestled in the valley where the river Ernée winds peacefully along.

The history of this little town was marked by the iron forge, an important industrial facility at one time, which imposed its rhythm on life for the population for almost 300 years, from 1550-1850.

Today it is still possible to see the ancient forges, the workers' housing, the old iron bridge and the Château de la Forge.

Chailland it is also known for its diverse landscape, its architectural heritage and natural wealth.

While having all the character of a small town, Chailland will enchant you with its breathtaking view of the Ernée valley and all its natural beauty.

The Rocher de la Vierge, the terraced gardens, a beautiful rose garden... a range of tourist ideas to encourage you to spend a whole day with us!


From May to September, you can visit the Jardin de Clivoy gardens located a few minutes from the village

And if flowers are your thing, why not continue your way to the village of Juvigné, winner of the Golden Flower trophy.

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