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Fontaine Daniel, the home of Mayenne textiles

From Cistercian monks to industrial textiles

In a clearing in the Forest of Salair, at a place known as "Fons Danielis" three miles from the town of Mayenne, Cistercian monks founded the Abbey of Clairmont in 1205.

Sold from the national property register in 1791, the buildings were acquired by entrepreneurs who set up the first mechanical spinning operation in the region.

A few years later the manufacture of textiles began, and in 1952 it became Toiles de Mayenne It has since become a reference in the creation and manufacture of home textiles. With the decline in the industry, the factory is now one of the last French weavers.

The elegance of the village of Fontaine Daniel is always a delight for visitors. See the detached houses and small buildings designed by company architects between its foundation and 1975, each with its farm garden.


Fontaine Daniel celebrates a festival in the first weekend of September each year. The 2015 festival was based around the theme of the Earth - la Fête de la Terre.

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