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Alain Legros, sculptor

A passion for wood

Why not take this opportunity visit local craftsmen and women. Places such as the workshops of Alain Legros, and Dorothé Bajeux of the forum des métiers d'art de Jublains, offer a multitude of gift ideas for all tastes, and all budgets.

To tickle your curiosity, here is a short portrait of Alain Legros, woodcarver at Lassay-les-Châteaux.


It's a sunny Thursday afternoon in Lassay-les-Châteaux. While he chats with a future exhibitor, Alain Legros opens the doors of his workshop-boutique "Sous l'écorce." He has been shaping his pieces for nearly 35 years, guided by the natural forms of wood. He works mainly in local species of fruit trees and hardwoods (cherry, oak, lime etc.).

Alain likes to work "unaware," of what will come out of his shaping. Whether for a gift, for a friend or a simple decoration, Alain is interested in the person who will receive his piece. "I try to form around the person intended to receive the sculpture. From a dialogue I draw pictures, then knock up one or two models".

Alain often receives orders for sacred art from churches and schools... He has worked for Monasteries in Japan and Quebec. Alain loves impromptu meetings, where requests for his work are born: "I like being embedded in the project. For example, after a meeting with American tourists excited about my work, I carved a virgin crowned with lilies for a New York church. "

During our meeting, Alain was carving two life-size statutes called "The Hermit" and "The Maid" for the Lancelot du Lac company.

More than an art shop and a sculpture workshop, "Sous l'écorce" is a place of interactivity, living and meeting. On autumn and winter evenings, Alain gives lessons where anyone can achieve their own personal project, at their own pace and with respect for the work of others. Alain brings technical ideas to his students and in return they offer him a new way of looking at things.

Originally from Thuboeuf, Alain owns his own workshop there. His passion for wood was handed down through the generations, he is the son and grandson of a carpenter, and it is also the occupation of his son.

He opened the workshop-boutique in Lassay-les-Châteaux, just a few steps from the Tourist Office. Since he arrived in town, many more exchanges have been created, "my proximity to the Tourist Office means we can do things together—I discovered the link between culture and tourism thanks to Angélique, head of the Tourist Office" he says.

Alain shares his exhibition space with other artists (photographers, painters etc.). He says that an artist is someone who knows how to make space, to leave room for others".

Invested fully in local life as vice president of the Tourist Office, as an organiser of events and volunteer for the Painters in the Street association, he also organises photo exhibitions and can be seen performing as an actor in the theatrical tours of the town.


For Alain one thing is certain "I wouldn't give it all up for anything in the world!"


Visit Alain's atelier-boutique in Lassay-les-Châteaux,


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