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Lemon cream crêpes, by Delphine Ramond

Delphine Ramond, 29 has owned the creperie of St Martin in Mayenne for six years.

After studying medicine and social sciencesDelphine radically changed course in life to become a highly reputed restauranteur.

After training as a crêpe chef, Delphine chose to settle in Mayenne, where she offers a different approach to our famous pancakes, working her magic on both colours and textures. The variety of different ingredients used ensure a slap up meal for the whole family.

Delphine love working with the producers of Haute-Mayenne — market gardeners, cheese makers, dairy farmers and others, allowing her to offer local and seasonal products.






250 g flour

2 eggs

75 g sugar

5 g salt

½ litre milk


Lemon cream

100 g sugar

100 g lemon juice

2 eggs


Chocolate sauce

cream, 30%

Baking chocolate



Prepare the mixture

let it rest

Lemon cream

Place the sugar and lemon juice in a saucepan, heat and turn until thickened, then add 2 eggs. Never stop turning the device with a whip. Once the whip stripes are visible in the pan and let cool off.

Chocolate sauce

Equal measures of chocolate and cream, heat. Once the chocolate has melted, turn off and let cool.

suggestion de présentation : crêpes roulées à la crème citronPrésentation

After making your crêpes, spread them with lemon cream. Fold the pancake on 3 sides to have straight edges. Then roll.

Make a crêpe sandwich before rolling with the filling in between if you like. This will make a thicker, more consistent crêpe.

To present your "rolled" pancakes, cut both ends with one straight and one  bevelled edge. Then cut according to the diagram below.

crêpe coupée en biseau


Serve with seasonal fruits and grated coconut or almonds


Bon appétit !


Recette imaginée par Delphine Ramond


Delphine Ramond, 29 ans est propriétaire depuis 6ans de la crêperie St Martin à Mayenne.

Après avoir fait une formation sciences médico-sociale, Delphine change radicalement de cap pour se tourner vers la restauration.

Sa formation de crêpier terminée, Delphine fait le choix de s’installer à Mayenne et propose une autre façon de consommer les crêpes et galettes en travaillant sur les couleurs et textures. Les consistances et choix des galettes permettent de régaler toute la famille.

Delphine aime travailler avec des producteurs de la Haute-Mayenne. Maraichers, fromagers, produits laitiers (renvoi vers les producteurs) lui permettent de proposer des produits locaux et de saison.


Les ingrédients

Pâte à crêpe

250 g de farine

2 œufs
75 g de sucre
5 g de sel
½ litre de lait
Arôme (vanille, Cointreau…)

Crème citron

100 g de sucre
100 g de jus de citron

2 oeufs


Sauce chocolat
Crème liquide 30%
Chocolat pâtissier


Préparer la pâte à crêpe – Laisser reposer

Pour la crème citron

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